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Mulberry Delight
Dipped UK

Mulberry Delight

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Whether its a statement nail or a complete manicure, this dip is sure to add that pop you are looking for

Create a simple glitter ombre or use it as a solid


For the best finish, we recommend encapsulating the dip with 'Clear As Day'


Your able to achieve maximum coverage by gently shaking dip jar and laying your nail on the powder rather than the traditional dip method


Bring the salon home!


Complete your look with our base or pro dip kits


Our richly pigmented nail dip powders leave you with a flawless finish


With our ever growing range of colours we have the perfect fit for all occasions


Made in the UK using the finest cosmetic grade acrylic - EU Certified and tested


Cruelty Free


1 x 15g Acrylic Dipping Powder

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